Our products originate from the ideas and concepts of our customers. We strive to develop and maintain a close, productive relationship with our customers. At OTICS USA, Inc., we are able to further these relationships by introducing our innovative and unique knowledge. This knowledge, coupled with our reliable production systems, enables our customers to expect superior and dependable products. This way, OTICS USA, Inc. can turn market opportunities into the products that consumers want in their vehicles while providing the quality products customers deserve.

The inside of a vehicle's engine and support system go virtually unnoticed by the average consumer. However, these components are critical to the operation of the automobile. Each component must be able to endure severe conditions such as heavy vibrations, high temperatures, and friction. Through our innovative processes, we will continue to develop products that are both lightweight and durable, resulting in a more comfortable driving experience. The future of our company depends upon the development of new products and technology that are both environmentally responsible and conducive to serving our customer's needs.

Engine Components